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Ms. Cray has 16 years of experience as a structural engineer and provides thorough project management services including client contact, project coordination, document production, and site visits.  A graduate of Lafayette College, Ms. Cray also earned a Masters in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2000.  She is familiar with all major structural materials, including concrete, masonry, steel, wood, and light gauge steel, and she is well-versed in codes, lateral analysis, vibration control, and detailing.  With experience in the latest technology, including REVIT, Ms. Cray provides clients with accurate and cost-effective designs for any project, from emergency task orders to multi-million-dollar construction work.  She provides particular expertise in the healthcare, multi-family, and retail sectors.

Mr. Hood is a skilled structural engineer and project manager with experience in new construction, renovations, and assessments.  A 1989 graduate of the University of Maryland, Mr. Hood has more than 25 years of experience in the engineering field.  His knowledge extends to steel, wood, masonry, poured and precast concrete, concrete restoration, and carbon fiber reinforcing.  He is also a skilled designer of deep foundation systems, underpinning, and excavation shoring systems.  Mr. Hood is detail-oriented and efficient, producing cost-effective designs and developing long-term client relationships.  He coordinates with clients and oversees project progress from planning through construction administration to ensure successful, timely completion.    

Mr. Rusy is an accomplished structural engineer and project manager, who skillfully coordinates and oversees designs of high-profile and specialty structures.  A graduate of the University of Delaware, Mr. Rusy has more than 21 years of experience in the industry.  He has worked with steel, conventional and post-tensioned concrete, pre-cast concrete, tilt-up concrete, masonry, timber, and cold-framed steel structures, as well as a variety of foundation systems. Mr. Rusy provides services for both public and private clients and for a range of project types, including government, retail, hospitality, residential, academic, mission critical, science and technology, office, healthcare, transit, and infrastructure.  He is particularly knowledgeable of anti-terrorism designs, such as security, planning, building hardening, and progressive collapse prevention standards.

Mr. Vickery has worked as a structural engineer since 2008, completing designs for a variety of buildings and construction projects.  A graduate of the University of Maryland, he has worked at commercial, residential, and public works facilities for new construction and renovation projects, as well as field inspections.  Through his work on public and private design contracts, Mr. Vickery has gained experience with concrete, steel, wood, and concrete masonry materials, and he is well-versed in foundation design, finite element analysis, seismic design and analysis, and structural assessments.  He has extensive knowledge of the latest building code requirements for gravity, wind, and seismic loading, and he is experienced in the preparation of contract documents and structural specifications.  Mr. Vickery is also adept at using the most recent design software such as RISA, Enercalc, Ramsteel, Ramframe, and REVIT.  

As a structural engineer at CEI, Mr. Prajzner has developed a particular expertise in the industry’s most advanced technologies.  His experience with the latest BIM (REVIT) 3-D building programs has proven valuable to our structural team and our clients, and he has used REVIT software to complete work on multiple notable contracts.  Mr. Prajzner graduated from McDaniel College in 2003, and earned a Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Maryland in 2006.  He works with a variety of structural materials, from steel and masonry to concrete and wood.  Mr. Prajzner is also experienced in commercial, institutional, residential, medical, university, and retail projects.  Mr. Prajzner is knowledgeable of the most recent building codes and standards, and he will bring strong experience to every project.

With 20 years of experience as a structural designer and project manager, Mr. Burton provides coordination and management services throughout all phases of design and construction.  His expertise extends to client and project team coordination, scheduling, document production, and construction administration.  Working with both public and private clients across the Mid-Atlantic region, Mr. Burton is experienced in new construction and renovation projects with a special focus on office, industrial, and commercial properties.  During a project, he completes field inspections, documentation of existing conditions, and the overlay of record drawings.  He is well-versed in AutoCAD and REVIT software, and he works with a variety of structural materials, including steel, tilt-up concrete, masonry, and cold-framed steel.  

Ms. Sullivan is a knowledgeable structural engineer with nearly 10 years of experience at CEI.  With particular emphasis on historic restoration work, Ms. Sullivan excels at renovation and addition projects, and she works with a variety of structural systems, including wood and steel.  Her knowledge of the latest design techniques and innovations, including the most up-to-date REVIT software, has proven extremely valuable to our structural team and our clients.  Ms. Sullivan is an effective project manager and construction administration professional, maintaining team and client coordination from early schematic design through construction completion.  Her attention to detail and previous experience will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget.  

Kyle Wagner |PE