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Baltimore, MD

250,000 SF

Completed 2014


Opened in 2014, The Baltimore Horseshoe Casino is the second largest casino in the state. The $400 million development, which includes the 3-story casino and adjoining parking garage, features a 122,000-SF gaming floor as well as a 20,000-SF Baltimore Marketplace with bar and restaurant facilities.   Carroll Engineering provided structural designs for the 250,000-SF casino building, as well as a 19,600-SF management building with mechanical services, offices, and a loading dock.  

The 3-story casino includes the gaming floor as well as ample bar and restaurant space.  The composite, steel-framed structure incorporates designs for several outdoor terraces and a central feature bar.  A pedestrian bridge and two service bridges connect the casino with the adjacent 4,000-vehicle garage.  The casino building is designed with a drilled pier foundation system and poured-in-place framed concrete slab at the ground level.  Our team also specified plans for a central utility plant and services building with a loading area, as well as a designated valet pick-up space in front of the casino.   Working under an aggressive design and construction schedule, our team completed all designs using REVIT software.       

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Horseshoe Baltimore Casino