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Baltimore, MD

6 acres

Completion Expected 2016

Expected to open in 2015, Eager Park will provide six acres of outdoor community space for the surrounding East Baltimore neighborhood.  The park spans three city blocks and crosses both Eager and Chase streets.  Coordinating with the New East Baltimore Partnership, CEI has provided civil and structural engineering and landscape architectural services for the two-phased project, which includes an amphitheater, open lawns and plazas, playground space and seating areas, and a community garden.  

Site designs for the construction of the park have included footprint location, layout and site plan, and utilities.  Our team has coordinated with Baltimore City and MDE for approval of erosion/sediment control and stormwater management plans, as well as an NPDES permit.  Bounded on three sides by city roadways, the park has required designs for site circulation, and CEI submitted a Developer’s Agreement for city right-of-way requirements.  Structurally, the park included designs for a 4,000-GSF multi-purpose facility, several small sheds, and a seasonal tent structure.  All buildings were founded on standard, reinforced concrete footings.  Designs also included concrete walls, benches, stairs, fountains, fencing, and amphitheater seating.  

EBDI Eager Park

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EBDI Eager Park