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Baltimore County, MD

4.3 acres

Completed 2014

Carroll Engineering served as civil engineer and landscape architect for this project to construct a new parking lot on the 500-acre UMBC campus.  Located along the main campus loop road, the new parking lot will provide spaces for 400 vehicles. Throughout the project, we provided landscape and site designs, stormwater management and erosion/sediment control, and forestation services.  

CEI completed a site visit to assess existing conditions and prepare plans for the proposed site redevelopment.  In order to construct a workable access road to the parking lot, CEI provided mass grading designs to lower the site approximately 9 feet.  CEI also prepared a Forest Conservation Plan, as well as designs for vehicular and pedestrian circulation, access stairs, and street trees to maintain the flow of the main drive.  CEI coordinated with UMBC and MDE to provide stormwater management and erosion/sediment control, including micro-bioretention areas, a closed drainage system, and porous pavement.  Our team provided surrounding buffer plantings along the perimeter of the site, as well as island plantings, micro-bioretention landscaping, and submerged gravel wetlands.

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UMBC Surface Parking

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UMBC Surface Parking