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Baltimore County, MD

57,000 SF, 2.2 acres

Completed 2011


CEI completed civil and structural designs for the expansion of this 4-story dormitory.  Under a 20-month Design-Build schedule, we completed plans for renovations and a 57,000-SF addition. Improvements extended to the 2-acre central quad, where CEI provided designs for new recreational areas and plazas.

Structurally, the building consists of block and plank, with CMU walls. The project involved designs for the interface of the new addition to the existing building, including cutouts for entrances and stairways.  Adjacent to the building are basketball and volleyball courts, for which CEI provided designs for slab-on-grade, retaining walls and seat walls.  CEI also prepared designs for an elevator and stair tower addition, and we redesigned the main entrance stairway.  REVIT software was used for the entire project.  

Civil designs included the 57,000-GSF addition footprint, exterior athletic courts, recreational areas, exterior elevators, loading dock reconfiguration, utilities, walkways and plazas, manholes, trenching, and erosion/sediment control.  CEI prepared a concept stormwater management plan and met with the MDE expedited reviewer to receive approval of all submittals.  The project also included designs for nine micro-bioretention areas and one traditional bioretention area.


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