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Opened in August 2004, Stevenson University’s Owings Mills campus is the college’s second location.  Just six miles from the original Greenspring campus, Owings Mills features 13 residential facilities, a 40,000-GSF student union, and the 3,500-seat Mustang Stadium.  Carroll Engineering provided structural services for the entire Owings Mills campus, which included new construction and adaptive reuse designs.  Currently, our team is completing designs for the 28-acre Owings Mills North expansion, which will house the new 147,000-GSF School of Sciences, as well as other academic facilities.

All of the new residential buildings are mid-rise, wood-framed structures with brick veneer and pre-engineered wood floor and roof trusses.  CEI also provided adaptive reuse designs to turn a former office building into student apartments.  The 68,000-GSF Mustang Stadium features concrete-framing and included designs for suites, a press box, locker rooms, and a fitness center.  Situated adjacent to the stadium is the school’s athletic complex, home to the Caves Sports and Wellness center, which was adapted from a former Ravens training facility.  Designs for the academic facilities included steel framing, exterior masonry glass and metal, and tiered seating.  Additional designs for the campus included retaining walls, stepped footings, steel columns, and metal finishes.  

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