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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Baltimore, MD


Beginning in 2010, Baltimore City Public Schools undertook the 21st Century School Buildings Plan to renovate and replace more than 24 aging school facilities over a 10 year period.  Working with the Maryland Stadium Authority and BCPS, Carroll Engineering provided civil and structural designs for multiple feasibility studies under this program.  CEI completed assessments at six schools, including Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary, Frederick Elementary, John Eager Howard Elementary, Cross County Elementary/Middle, John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle, and Patterson High.

Each facility was slated for either renovation/addition or complete replacement.  CEI visited each school site in order to document existing conditions and assess proposed improvements.    Site analysis included stormwater management facilities, runoff implications, grading, utilities, circulation, parking, bus stacking, and erosion/sediment control devices.  Structural analysis included interior and exterior evaluation of structural members, integrity, and deficiencies.  CEI made recommendations for upgrade or replacement, including multiple designs for potential improvement plans at each school.  

Maryland School for the Deaf

Waverly Elementary School

Talmudical Academy

Sparks Elementary School

BCPS Feasibility Studies


Baltimore City Public Schools Feasibility Studies