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Baltimore, MD

9,000 SF

Completed 2008

Located on North Eutaw Street, directly adjacent to the Joseph Richey Hospice Center for adults, Dr. Bob’s Place is a specialized medical facility in West Baltimore providing children’s hospice services. Our team completed structural designs for this project, which involved the partial demolition and rehabilitation of three existing rowhomes in order to construct the new $4.5 million facility.

CEI completed a site visit in order to provide a condition assessment of the existing buildings, and we produced a report with upgrade recommendations and code analysis.  The 9,000-GSF facility was constructed within the footprint of the existing three rowhomes.  Portions of the existing buildings were demolished, while other areas were preserved and rehabilitated.  The project included construction of a new 8,000-GSF building, as well as a 3,000-GSF rear addition to the facility.  Structural designs included steel and wood framing, reinforced concrete footings, lintels, egress stairs, wall and floor penetrations, equipment support pads, and shoring.

Health Care for the Homeless

Weinberg Resource Center

Dr. Bob’s Place




Dr. Bob’s Place