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Baltimore, MD

2.3 acres

Completed 2004

As civil engineer for the rehabilitation of the historic Hippodrome Theatre, CEI prepared site plans to renovate the nearly 100-year-old center.  Restoration designs began in August 1998, after the Hippodrome closed eight years earlier.  The theater reopened to the public in 2004, newly restored as a centerpiece of downtown Baltimore.  The redevelopment was confined to a constrained urban site spanning just two city blocks.  The entire project was designed to Baltimore City CHAP, Maryland Historical Trust, and Downtown Partnership regulations.

Six existing structures on the 2.3-acre site were impacted by the renovation, which included three buildings and the Hippodrome itself.  Two buildings were demolished for a new rear service drive and a two-story South Building.  Erosion and sediment control, as well as stormwater management, created an important concern for the $58 million project.  CEI obtained approval for site work from the Environmental Department of the Baltimore City DPW.  Devices included construction entrances, inlet protection, silt fencing, trenching detail, and meter vault detail.

Baltimore Station

Hippodrome Theatre

CCBC Hilton Mansion

Bagby Building


The Hippodrome Theatre