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Baltimore County, MD

Completed 2014

Constructed in the 1800s, the Hilton Mansion is a historic home located on the grounds of the CCBC Catonsville Campus.  Located within the historic easement, the mansion predates the campus itself and is currently used as an administrative building.  In 2012, CCBC undertook a project to renovate the mansion for the new Center for Global Education. CEI provided civil services for the project, which included renovations of both the house and grounds.  

Exterior renovations included site circulation, parking, placement of an addition, and new utilities.  Coordinating with CCBC, CEI prepared designs for a new water connection from an existing 6-inch line.  In order to improve site circulation, a connector between the mansion and an adjacent building was demolished and replaced with a new concrete sidewalk.  A portion of the existing paved asphalt parking lot was also replaced with brick pavers to create a walkway.  Working in a disturbed area of less than 5,000 SF, CEI also coordinated with MDE for stormwater management and erosion/sediment control waivers.  CEI also prepared plans to support the addition of several exterior HVAC condensers.

Baltimore Station

Hippodrome Theatre

CCBC Hilton Mansion

Bagby Building


CCBC Hilton Mansion