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Baltimore, MD

150,000 SF

Completed 2012


The $250 milllion Uplands Development is a mixed-income housing community providing affordable housing and subsidized rental units in downtown Baltimore.  Built on the site of the former, low-income Uplands Apartments, which was foreclosed upon in 2003, the new development will consist of 53 acres and more than 1,000 residences, including single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, and apartments.  CEI provided structural designs for 13 residential buildings as well as a single-story, 4,100-GSF management office.  

Our team prepared designs for seven prototype buildings and six duplicates.  All of the residences featured wood-framing with pre-engineered truss floors and roofs founded on standard, reinforced concrete spread footings.   The exterior cladding of each building was a combination of brick masonry and siding.  Although none of the structures featured basements, some did require designs for partially below-grade ground floors with earth-retaining building walls.  Structural plans also included bearing walls, stairs, porches, columns, and framing.  All designs were completed to meet LEED requirements, and the project is slated to achieve a LEED-Neighborhood Development designation.


Marketplace at Broadway

Uplands Development

OMMC Apartments

Center West

Capitol Gateway


Uplands Development