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Baltimore, MD

2.5 million SF

Completed 2017

Carroll Engineering is completing civil, structural, and landscape designs for this neighborhood redevelopment project. The first and current phase includes two mid-rise buildings with apartments over ground-floor retail space, along with associated parking. Later phases propose two more buildings with at least 100 additional residential units.    The Phase I site is approximately 3.2 acres, and civil designs include building footprints, site circulation, grading, drainage, garage access, site entrances, parking lots, and a Developer’s Agreement.  CEI is also providing designs for a domestic water service, fire protection line, and new outgoing sewer line. Designs also included landscaping and site services for outdoor courtyards.  CEI will also submit stormwater management and erosion/sediment control plans to Baltimore City.  Designs include micro-bioretention facilities, a green roof, sand filters, and an NPDES permit.

In the current phase, both buildings are designed in the podium style, with wood-framed residential units supported on concrete-framed ground-floor retail space.  The buildings will provide a total of 260 apartments.  The Block E-F building will feature below-grade parking, while the Block H building parking will be fully on-grade.  Designs also included masonry stairs and elevator shaft.


Marketplace at Broadway

Uplands Development

OMMC Apartments

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Capitol Gateway


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