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Completed 2017

Beginning in 2015, Carroll Engineering has been providing civil engineering services for assessments of 15 MVA facilities and 18 MVA Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program stations throughout the state of Maryland.  Working with prime JMT for both contracts, CEI is providing inspection information in order to update an existing database of MVA facilities conditions.  Our team visited sites in 18 counties throughout Maryland to conduct assessments, providing full condition reports, narratives, and cost estimates for potential recommendations.  

Prior to site visits, CEI completed preliminary reviews of construction drawings, specifications, and reports for each site to determine existing conditions.  At each site, CEI surveyed parking lots, sidewalks, site drainage, water distribution systems, curb and gutter, and ADA accessibility.  Our team noted deficiencies and local code compliance issues, preparing recommendations for repair and replacement of failing site systems.  

Salt Storage Facilities

MVA Inspections

MPA Cruise Terminal

OMMC Garages

Crown Farm Garage


MVA Inspections