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Completed 2015

Carroll Engineering has completed civil and structural work for the Maryland Port Administration on several projects and tasks to provide renovations at the Locust Point and Dundalk Terminals.    Our work included a canopy enclosure, designs for an Access Control Center, a new guard booth, and site improvements.

The 1,440-GSF Access Control Center at the Dundalk Marine Terminal was built in 2009. Constructed on an existing parking lot, work was completed within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area and included designs for reinforced concrete footings, a canopy, parking and site circulation, and utilities.  CEI has also provided designs for the South Locust Point Marine Terminal canopy enclosure, which included renovations to several existing exterior canopies.

Designs included steel framing and partial enclosure of the structures with glazing.  Also at the Locust Point Terminal, our team has completed civil and structural designs for the guard booth and exterior renovations, which included stormwater management and erosion/sediment control.  Designs also included roadways, site circulation, grading, and structural designs for the pre-engineered guard booth.


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