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Baltimore County, MD

1.5 million SF

Completed 2014

The Owings Mills Metro Centre, which is located adjacent to the Owings Mills metro stop, is a new transit-oriented development owned by David S. Brown Enterprises and the Maryland Transit Administration.  The Metro Centre includes 1.2 million SF of commercial office space and 300,000 SF of retail space, as well as 1700 residential units and an educational facility that includes the largest branch of the Baltimore County Public Library.  Carroll Engineering provided structural designs for several buildings in the development, including two multi-story parking garages totaling 1.5 million SF.

The garages provide more than 5,000 parking spaces for the development.  Built in 2007, Garage 1 is 942,000 GSF and contains nearly 3,000 parking spaces, while Garage 2 contains more than 2,000 spaces and is scheduled to be complete in 2014.  Both of the structures consisted of a bonded and fully-grouted post-tensioned concrete system.  The partial lower level featured concrete retaining walls, and the exterior veneer consisted of brick, metal panels and EIFS.  The garages are supported from a deep foundation system consisting of augered-cast concrete piles.


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Owings Mills Metro Centre Parking Garages