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Prince George’s Co., MD

2.27 acres

Completed 2015

LEED Certified

In 2011, the Maryland Department of General Services undertook a project to construct a new 72-bed Youth Detention Center building at the Cheltenham Youth Facility.  Run by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, CYF is a secure facility that provides health, educational, and counseling services to male youth offenders. Carroll Engineering completed civil engineering services for the new addition project.  

The 99,000-GSF project includes a new detention center, regional warehouse, and on-site storage building, as well as recreational facilities such as a track, basketball court, and several multipurpose fields. Designs included building footprints, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, grading, fencing, and utilities.  The total area of disturbance was more than 1 acre, requiring that plans be submitted to MDE for permitting.  Carroll Engineering completed site plans for stormwater management and erosion/sediment control, and coordinated with MDE for the approval of environmental site designs and solutions.  Our team worked with the Maryland Environmental Service to complete hydraulic analysis, analyze piping systems, and calculate peak and average flows.  CEI compiled our data calculations in a final report to MES.    

MCTC Housing Units

Cheltenham Youth Facility

Glenwood Fire Station


Cheltenham Youth Facility