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Howard County, MD

10,000 SF

Completed 2013

Carroll Engineering completed both civil and structural designs to construct the new Glenwood Fire Station in Howard County. Constructed on a constrained site within the Western Regional Park, the 10,000-GSF, single-story facility is one of the first new fire stations in the county since 1994.

Our staff provided site planning services in order to locate the proposed building, access roadway, two parking areas and other necessary site infrastructure.  CEI also sized and designed the private septic field and distribution system.  Stormwater management included the design of a series of storm drain yard and pavement inlets that connected with an underground piping system and discharged into a regional stormwater management pond.  

Structural designs for this wood- and steel-framed building included conventional spread-footings and slab-on-grade.  Our engineers have also completed designs including a single-story steel framed apparatus bay with a clear span roof, steel-framed mechanical penthouse supported by masonry-bearing walls.  A masonry-bearing storage building with a wood truss roof is to be located off-site, along with a water storage pump house.

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Glenwood Fire Station


Glenwood Fire Station