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Baltimore, MD

2.5 acres

Completed 2006

Carroll Engineering was Civil Engineer of Record for the recently opened 2.5-acre West Shore Park at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore’s prominent waterfront plaza located in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area and flood plain. Our civil/site improvement designs transformed a grassy field into a large multi-use lawn area for concerts and events, with park pavilions, horticultural gardens, seating areas and plans for a fountain.  

Since excavation and grading occurred in close proximity to the bay, stringent erosion and sediment control regulations were used during early project phases.  CEI designed water, storm drain and sanitary utility services and coordinated with the City’s Transportation Department to create an adjacent roadway and bus drop-off area near Light Street.  Using a series of walkways and standard curb ramps, CEI was able to connect pedestrian traffic throughout the entire site.  West Shore Park also included several concrete features, requiring structural designs, including a site retaining wall, seat walls and an interactive water feature.

Palmer Park Rec Center

West Shore Park

Roosevelt Park


West Shore Park