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Baltimore, MD

Completed 2008

Roosevelt Park is an 18.7-acre community space located at 36th Street in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. The original recreation center was opened in 1911, followed by a playground in 1941, and an outdoor public pool in 1949.  Today, the park also provides a skate park, as well as athletic fields and courts. In 2007, CEI provided structural designs to renovate the existing pool complex, including upgrades and an addition to the poolhouse.  

Located on the north side of the existing poolhouse, the new addition features concrete masonry and steel framing, as well as wood roof trusses.  Carroll Engineering provided designs for the 600-SF addition, an entry pier, and a retaining wall on the north side of the new addition.  Designs also included renovations to the existing pool area, including wall demolitions for a new building entry, a new canopy, and roof/floor/wall openings.

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