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Montgomery County, MD

173,000 SF

Completed 2017

The Village at Rockville is a senior living community located in Montgomery County.  In 2015, a new design project began for a 5-story residential building, which provides 130 apartments as well as a 40,000-SF Health & Wellness space.  Carroll Engineering prepared structural designs for the 173,000-SF building, including a ground-floor natatorium, community space, and dining area.  The new complex also features a partially below-grade garage with 130 vehicle spaces.

Founded on shallow spread footings, the ground floor is a cast-in-place concrete podium reinforced with conventional rebar to transfer loads from the residential floors above to the columns and foundation below.   CEI provided wood framing designs for the upper residential floors, and the parking level included plans for cast-in-place reinforced concrete retaining walls on three sides.  The complex also features approximately 4,500 SF of connecting corridors to join the new addition with existing buildings.  

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