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Baltimore, MD

Completed 2015

Baltimore City Water Contract 1180 is an initiative to proactively replace and rehabilitate the city’s aging water distribution infrastructure.  The majority of Baltimore City water mains have been in use for more than 100 years, creating increasing concerns of system failure.  The project includes replacement of water pipes, water house connections, fire hydrants, and water valves using an open-cut method.  CEI has provided civil services for several portions of this project.

Working with prime JMT in 2013, our team provided designs for water main replacements in and around Ellamont Street, Springlake Way, Carrollton Avenue, and Grantley Road.  Currently, CEI is coordinating with prime Gannett Fleming for the areas of Reisterstown Road, Baltimore Street, and Smallwood Street.  The scope of work included coordination with Baltimore City for a stormwater management waiver and approval of erosion/sediment control plans.  CEI also worked with Baltimore City for right-of-way permits and utility research.  We obtained existing GIS data and base plans to prepare erosion/sediment control plans, and maintenance-of-traffic.


SHA Utility Mapping

Baltimore Small Water Mains

Gwynn’s Falls Water Mains



Baltimore City Small Water Main Replacement