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Completed 2016

Carroll Engineering worked with KCI Technologies to support this project to upgrade the Enhanced Nutrient Removal process at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This two-phased project included construction of a Biological Nutrient Removal facility and an Enhanced Nutrient Removal facility, improvements that will reduce the plant’s total nitrogen discharge.  CEI provided structural services services on the second phase of the project, which included construction of a new Activated Sludge Plant 4.  

CEI provided designs to demolish the existing Activated Sludge Plant and renovate two existing clarifiers and the blower building.  The project included construction of four new clarifiers, five new reactors, a flow distribution structure, three new sludge pumping stations, three new large diameter tanks, and a chemical storage building.  Designs included concrete slab-on-grade equipment pads, CMU walls, brick veneer, and steel-framed stair gallery towers.  Our team also prepared plans for standard foundations, vault framing, mezzanines, and equipment access areas.   

Patapsco WWTP ENR Upgrade

Back River WWTP ASP #4

Montebello Filtration Plant

Cumberland CSO Storage


ENR Upgrades


Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant AP #4