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Baltimore, MD

Completed 2015

Located along Hillen Road, just north of downtown Baltimore, the 100-year-old Montebello Water Filtration Plant consists of two adjacent facilities, Plants 1 and 2.  Carroll Engineering has provided a variety of structural designs for renovations, equipment installations, and construction of new facilities at Montebello.  In 2009, our team undertook an extensive effort to renovate and rehabilitate the aging Plant 1, constructed in 1915.  

Working alongside Whitman Requardt & Associates, CEI provided structural designs for the three-phased project.  The first phase included a solar panel feasibility study and installation of a new generator.  During the second phase, we provided designs for renovations at the North and South Filter Bays, and upgrades to four Sediment Basins, including concrete repairs, new overflow structures, and canopy installation.  We also prepared plans for a new 3,600-SF Alum Building, a new Alum Application Vault, and a new Flocculator Drive enclosure.  The third phase included construction of a new 700-SF Lime Tower with a deep foundation system.  Designs also included concrete repairs, installation of safety handrails, and concrete equipment pads.

Our team has also provided designs for multiple other contracts at the Montebello Filtration Plant, including replacement of freight elevators at Plants 1 and 2 in 2010, as well as replacement of wash water pumps at Plant 2 in 2009.  In 2011, our team provided structural designs for a new laboratory, a project that included renovations and an addition to an existing historic carriage house at the Plant.  

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