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Allegany County, MD

Completed 2014

As the City of Cumberland has grown, its aging storm and sewer system has faced capacity problems, with excess effluent being released into the Potomac River.  In an effort to end this dumping process, the city has undertaken an initiative to construct holding tanks to store excess effluent until it can be neutralized at a treatment plant.  Carroll Engineering provided structural services for construction of the Cumberland CSO Storage Facility, which is a 10-million-gallon wastewater storage tank located just west of the City of Cumberland Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The concrete tank is 200 feet by 200 feet with a depth of 20 feet, and it was constructed entirely below-grade.  CEI provided designs for poured-in-place reinforced concrete walls and steel connections.  The tank features two access stairs as well as an emergency egress hatch and an aluminum platform and catwalk.   Structural designs also included supports for pipes and ancillary equipment.

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