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Prince George’s & Montgomery Counties, MD

Completed 2017

Carroll Engineering has provided structural renovation and rehabilitation designs for two dams operated by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission in order to strengthen and fortify the structures according to updated MDE standards.  Built in 1944, Brighton Dam spans the Patuxent River between Montgomery and Howard counties.  Duckett Dam, which was built in 1954, also spans the Patuxent River and is located between Prince George’s and Howard counties.   

In 2005, our team conducted a structural condition assessment of both reinforced concrete buttress dams in order to detect deterioration and recommend necessary repairs.  Renovations to Duckett Dam, which began in 2009, included the construction of concrete walls, 10 feet to 6 feet in height, on both sides of the dam for flood protection.  CEI also provided designs for concrete slabs for erosion protection on the downstream side of the dam.  The Brighton Dam project, which is currently underway, includes strengthening of the dam gates, replacement of the concrete spillway surface, replacement of sluice gates, and upgrades to the tainter gates.  CEI completed field measurements of 13 dam gates to determine the extent of deterioration and the need for replacement.

Patapsco WWTP ENR Upgrade

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WSSC - Duckett & Brighton Dams