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2007 - 2017

As part of the Bay Restoration Fund, which was signed into law in 2004 to improve Chesapeake Bay water quality, the Maryland Department of the Environment has identified 67 major wastewater treatment plants in the state that require upgrades to their Enhanced Nutrient Removal processes.  MDE has identified effluent from wastewater treatment plants as a major contributor to nutrients in the the Bay, and ENR upgrades are targeted at reducing a wastewater facility’s total nitrogen discharge.  Carroll Engineering has provided civil and structural designs for ENR upgrades at a variety of wastewater treatment plants in Maryland.  Projects typically include an assessment of existing facilities and processes, as well as designs to upgrade or replace equipment, including pump station, blending tanks, clarifiers, reactors, and filters. Recent projects include:

Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant; Baltimore, MD

Structural designs

Chesapeake Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant; Calvert County, MD

Structural designs

Freedom District Wastewater Treatment Plant; Carroll County, MD

Structural designs

Hampstead Wastewater Treatment Plant; Carroll County, MD

Structural designs

Joppatowne Wastewater Treatment Plant; Harford County, MD

Structural designs

MES MCI Wastewater Treatment Plant; Hagerstown, MD

Civil and structural designs

Oxford Wastewater Treatment Plant; Talbot County, MD

Structural designs

Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant; Baltimore, MD

Civil & structural designs

Patapsco WWTP ENR Upgrade

Back River WWTP ASP #4

Montebello Filtration Plant

Cumberland CSO Storage


ENR Upgrades


Wastewater Treatment Plant ENR Upgrades