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National Business Park 610

420 NBP

OMMC Office Building

Schilling Green II

7205 Riverwood

NBP 610

Annapolis Junction, MD

160,000 SF

Completion Expected 2019

Carroll Engineering has recently completed the structural design for the construction of this 5-story office building, featuring AT/FP design for Occupancy Category III protection.  The entire project has been documented using REVIT and is set to achieve LEED Silver certification.

The building features a composite concrete metal deck and steel-framed superstructure founded on standard, shallow spread footings with a perimeter grade beam.  In order to abate noise and vibration from rooftop mechanical equipment, CEI designed a concrete center roof bay.  Additional designs include a rooftop screen wall, exterior loading dock, and progressive collapse avoidance.   CEI worked closely with the architects and blast consultant to provide façade connections capable of resisting blast from the combination of pre-cast panels, glazing, and curtain wall panels.  We implemented designs including Alternate Path for specified column removal and Enhanced Local Resistance for perimeter columns at the ground floor.