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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Frederick County, MD

84,300 SF, 32 acres

Completed 2013

LEED Certified

For the construction of the Maryland School for the Deaf Frederick campus, CEI served as civil and structural engineer to design the 48,000-SF elementary school, 12,000-SF student support building, 16,300-SF Family Support & Resource Center, and 8,000-SF student center. The entire campus totals 84,300 GSF.

Constructed on a redeveloped 32-acre farm, the $28 million project included designs for building placements, three parking areas, roadways, a landscaped plaza, concrete walkways, and recreational areas.  CEI designed new water and sanitary services, and an underground electrical duct bank.  A grinder pump was also provided and sized in order to discharge sanitary flow to the City of Frederick main.  CEI also prepared stormwater management and erosion/sediment control plans.  

Structural services included framing and foundation plans, specifications, and a boring layout plan.  In order to facilitate proper drainage, our team designed seven areas of sloped slab-on-grade, including a basement slab under the south-central wing.  Our staff also specified pre-engineered roof trusses as well as steel beams and columns.  The facility maintained strict noise attenuation constraint, which required CEI to increase structural support loads to compensate for designs such as additional insulation and vibration dampers for HVAC equipment.                     

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