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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Howard County, MD

155,000 SF

Completed 2013


Working with the Corporate Office Properties Trust, CEI has provided structural designs for six buildings at the National Business Park, located in Annapolis Junction.  Our work includes buildings 320, 410, 420, 430, 540, and Building 610, which is currently in design and expected to be complete in 2017.  Beginning in 2009, CEI prepared designs for the 155,000-SF Building 420, which achieved LEED Gold Certification.  Flanked by buildings 410 and 430, Building 420 is a central structure in the National Business Park complex.

Composed of aesthetically similar designs, buildings 410, 420, and 430 all feature pre-cast veneer with punch windows.  The 5-story Building 420 also includes glass veneer at the main entrance.  CEI prepared designs for steel framing and precast concrete wall panels, as well as a curtain-wall system.  The flooring featured lightweight concrete slab over metal deck, and CEI prepared plans for steel and concrete high roof framing.  Designs also included steel stairs, elevator shafts, standard spread footing foundations, and HVAC equipment supports.


420 NBP

OMMC Office Building

Schilling Green II

7205 Riverwood

NBP 610


420 National Business Park