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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Completed 2005 - 2016

Carroll Engineering has worked with the Maryland State Highway Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority to provide civil, structural, and landscape services on a variety of projects and on-call task orders at multiple salt storage facilities throughout the state.  Our team has completed new construction designs, assessments, and repair services at nearly 20 salt barns in Maryland, including recent projects for new salt barns at Route 7, Priest Bridge, Connecticut Avenue, and the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Ranging in size from 3,000-ton to 10,000-ton capacity facilities, each of the new salt barns required site designs for full stormwater management and erosion sediment control reviewed by MDE.  CEI also applied for NPDES permits and coordinated with the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission for special concerns at the FSK Bridge Salt Facility.  The Route 7, Priest Bridge, and Connecticut Avenue salt facilities are each pre-engineered structures featuring steel framing and standard spread footings.  The 3,000-ton-capacity FSK Bridge Salt Facility features concrete turn-down slab with reinforced concrete foundations.  Additional designs included site circulation, grading, parking, wetlands considerations, and equipment pads.

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