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Baltimore, MD

0.5 acres

Completed 2014

For this project, CEI provided civil and structural services to support a two-phased ENR Upgrade at the Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant in Baltimore.  Phase I involved Study of Process and Permitting, while Phase II included submission of design documents.  In the initial stages of the project, Carroll Engineering conducted a field visit, researched utilities, and coordinated with Baltimore City DPW to determine permit  requirements.  

CEI was responsible for the preliminary structural design of 10 major elements, including nitrification and denitrification filters, BAFF influent pump station, chemical feed building, methanol storage facility, methanol feed building, and PST ferric chloride feed building.  Structural designs included reinforced concrete walls and steel H-pile foundations.  Our civil engineers determined a need for extensive adjustments to site infrastructure, particularly concerning construction of the 3.3-acre nitrification and denitrification filters and ancillary buildings.  Located within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, the site also required special designs to address critical area conditions.

Patapsco WWTP ENR Upgrade

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Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant ENR Upgrade