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Prince George’s Co., MD

Completed 2014

Opened at National Harbor in May 2014, the Capital Wheel is a 180-foot-tall, 165-foot diameter Ferris wheel that overlooks the Potomac River waterfront. The attraction is open year-round and contains 42 gondolas that provide views of the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol.  Working with Brown Craig Turner Architects and a full design team, CEI provided structural services for a feasibility study and analysis of the new attraction and its supports.

The Wheel was constructed on an existing dock pier at the waterfront.  Our team provided a preliminary feasibility study for the Wheel, including an analysis of the dock pier and preliminary base loads.  We provided a written report with recommendations for construction and support of the structure.  CEI also established base grillage connection locations and prepared structural drawings, detailing the anchorage of the base grillage to the dock pier.  Our team also provided details for anchor bolt sizes and lengths, based on the pier structure materials.          

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