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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Queen Anne’s County, MD

Completed 2012

Located on 1,000 acres in Queenstown, Md., the Aspen Wye River Conference Center provides guest houses and rooms, as well as more than 7,400 SF of event space on the Eastern Shore. The center includes catering and kitchen facilities, a fitness center and indoor pool, and communal meeting spaces. In 2010, Carroll Engineering began preparing designs for a renovation and addition project, to expand the existing kitchen facility and provide two new guest houses.  

CEI conducted an initial site visit and assessment to evaluate existing conditions.  The 700-SF kitchen expansion was built onto a guest house and matched the existing structure aesthetically, featuring brick veneer.  The new guest houses were each 2 stories and totaled 10,000 SF.  Our structural engineers prepared designs for load-bearing CMU walls, precast plank floors, metal truss roofs, and brick veneer.  We also provided light-gauge steel framing, columns, slab-on-grade, and interior stairs.                         

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The Aspen Wye River Conference Center