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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Baltimore County, MD

Completed 2017

LEED Silver

The new Owings Mills Metro Centre is a mixed-use development that, when finished, will provide 1.2 million SF of commercial office space, 300,000 SF of retail space, and 1700 residential units. Carroll Engineering has provided designs for multiple structures at the Metro Centre, including two Class-A office buildings totaling 235,000 SF.  In 2011, designs began on the first building, which is 5 stories and features ground-floor retail with upper-level office space. Building 1 is slated to achieve LEED Silver certification.  

Completing designs in REVIT, CEI has produced a full 3D design model of Office Building 1, which includes steel framing with metal stud and brick veneer walls.  Our team provided plans for standard spread footing foundations, and concrete slab over metal deck floors.  The building also features a communal public plaza, as well as a pedestrian bridge connecting to an associated parking garage.  Additional designs include elevator shafts, stairs, retaining walls, and HVAC supports.          

420 NBP

OMMC Office Building

Schilling Green II

7205 Riverwood

NBP 610


Owings Mills Metro Centre Office Building