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CEI is proud to be a woman-owned business certified in five states and many local jurisdictions.  

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Baltimore County, MD

131,400 SF

Completed 2012

LEED Platinum

Carroll Engineering provided structural designs for the construction of this new 131,400-SF office building, which is the first LEED Core & Shell project in the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area to achieve LEED Platinum certification.  As the main tenant, EA Engineering occupies two floors, as well as a separate, masonry brick and block laboratory building.  

CEI provided initial designs for the demolition of the existing 85,000-GSF warehouse and parking lot on-site, as well as extensive designs for the construction of Schilling Green II.  The new, 4-story, Class-A office building features a brick veneer and glass curtain wall exterior with highly-reflective glass to increase energy efficiency.  Schilling Green II also features standard spread-footing foundations, composite steel joist floor framing, and a concrete-framed partial basement, which contains an athletic facility.  As part of the new energy code, CEI provided detailing to accommodate spray application of insulation behind the veneer, which increased energy efficiency.  Structural designs also included interior communicating stair between second and third floors, concrete foundation and floor slabs, steel framing, and metal entrance canopies.  

420 NBP

OMMC Office Building

Schilling Green II

7205 Riverwood

NBP 610


Schilling Green II